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Two tracks at St. Luc... Posted by Carl C (08/18/2017)
We have made a new deal with St. Lucie Fairgrounds. Our next event will be September 24th at the Fairgrounds.

Registration is open now...

We will be using the main parking lots again as the "main" event. BUT, we are adding the oval as a test track... Now, before you go nuts thinking your running an Oval, no, we are not Nascar... There will be cones on the Oval with one way onto the Oval and one way off the Oval, just like an autocross. There will be cones and timing, but it's for run and practice. Want to test/tune your car, here's the best chance. The Oval will be self policed, meaning you pick your cones yourself after hitting them...

Remember, we have the Florida state championship at St. Lucie Fairgounds November 11 and 12th. Saturday is a practice using the main parking lots and the Oval. Sunday is the main event [and Oval is available for test/tune].

Also, we have picked up BBT again for Nov 26th and Dec 10th.
What is Equipe Rapide Sports Car Club?

So, you see all those people driving cars thru pylons, testing and developing their driving skill and you think to yourself, "Self, This looks like fun, I wish I could do this in a fun and safe manner without officer Friendly writing me more tickets than Smokey and the Bandit"

Well, fret no more, ER Sports Car Club is here!

ER is devoted to setting up events that are fun and safe. Here's how you can be having fun, safely, with your daily driver without the fear of wreaking your life savings. All events are based around SOLO style competition. The events are setup using pylons to create a unique skills course. Cars are timed to safely separate each one.

ER organizes events, usually held on a Saturday or Sunday. We get to the site at dawn to set up the cones, registration, and timing and scoring. At a usual event Drivers should be onsite by 8am to check in at registration, have their car examined by safety workers, and have plenty of time to walk the course. Drivers meeting at 9:30 and first car off at 10am.

Autocrosses are similar to the SCCA (Sports Car Club of America) SOLO II style event. This allows everyone to be safe, just you, your car, the cones, and the stop watch timing you! The top speed reached at some events by street cars might reach 55-60 MPH in short straight sections. Average speeds are in the low 40mph range.The course combines slalom sections with various and sometimes tight turns. Runs are done one car at a time, from a standing start. Bring food, non alcoholic beverages, sunscreen, a chair, and shade. Wear comfortable walking shoes and light colored comfortable clothing. Shorts are OK. Bring an umbrella or a rain suit. Driving in the rain is fun! Working in the rain is not as much fun as driving but builds character.

A excellent video on autocrossing:

We are a non profit 501 c 3 corporation and have no employees. Everyone is a volunteer. We kill cones for fun! If you are having fun and want to help organize events, come to our monthly meeting! We will welcome the help and have FREE PIZZA!

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