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Incredible BBT event Posted by Carl C (08/24/2016)
Wow, what a HOT turnout, both in car count and in local temperature.

Our new format really worked well, and with the continued help of entrants, we will continue our new format...

BUT you weren't there? You don't know about our new format? You decided to stay home in the A/C and chill??

Our new format is based on the fact National and Division autocrossing is normally 3 runs. Yes, JUST 3 RUNS. We, ER, did not set this, it's how SCCA decided autocrossing would be. ER will now run 4 runs timed [not 5, not 6, not 3, but 4]. This is much closer to how a Nationals event is run. And for many people, that's good enough. They wanted to go home early [like around 2 PM] and get out of the heat.

BUT we want more runs... Ok, ER fells your pain, we have a plan! We have brought back FUN RUNS !!!! We tested this last Sunday, and those that stayed behind got 6 MORE RUNS [yes, 10 RUNS TOTAL!!!]. The way fun runs will work going forward is to have the people that want to stay split into two groups. Group A runs and Group B works. We figure how much time we have until 3:30 PM and run for 1/2 the time. Then we switch Group B to run and Group A to work. At 3:30 PM, we start picking up the course/cleanup so we can be off the site by 4:00 PM.

This worked so well at our last BBT event, and we plan to use this format going forward.

And for those of you that I warned about the pending Rain that afternoon, well, we left the site just as the rain drops started to fall. That's perfect! AND results were posted the next day [we had a few people that did not work, they get DSQed and put on probation. Do it again, your banned.]

ER looks forward to seeing everyone at the next event.
What is Equipe Rapide Sports Car Club?

-------- Miami - Ft Lauderdale - West Palm Beach --------

So, you see all those people driving cars thru pylons, testing and developing their driving skill and you think to yourself, "Self, This looks like fun, I wish I could do this in a fun and safe manner without officer Friendly writing me more tickets than Smokey and the Bandit"

Well, fret no more, ER Sports Car Club is here!

ER is devoted to setting up events that are fun and safe. Here's how you can be racing safely with your daily driver or weekend racer without the fear of wreaking your life savings. All events are based around SOLO style racing. This means ONLY ONE CAR ON THE TRACK AT A TIME. The courses are setup using pylons to simulate small road courses. Cars are spaced out as to prevent contact with another car (keeps you from swaping paint with the other fellow!)

ER organizes two types of event, usually held over a Saturday and a Sunday :

Time Trials or Autocrosses are similar to the SCCA (Sports Car Club of America) SOLO II style racing. This allows everyone to race safely, just you, your car, the track and the stop watch timing you! The top speed reached are usually 70 MPH on race cars with usual street cars obtaining 55-60 MPH in short straight aways. The course combines slalom sections with various and sometimes tight turns and runs are done one at a time, from a standing start.

Speedtrials are normally for more experienced racers that reach speeds of 100 MPH (75-85 in street cars) similar to SCCA SOLO I racing. The course is similar to the Time Trial with less cones and without the slalom sections. It's more like a small road course and runs are done in sequences of laps allowing the driver to get into a rhythm.

HOTLAPPING is available from our sister group, EQUIPE RAPIDE MOTORSPORTS EXPERIENCE. If your looking for hotlapping check out ERME at http://www.erme.us/ .

Requirements are similar for both types of events. You car must have a seatbelt and you must wear an SCCA approved helmet. Your car must be in good mechanical condition and pass a short tech inspection before practice starts. In Speedtrials, drivers running on race tires must have a 4 points harness and a race suit ( or long pants / long sleeve cotton ) and all first time drivers must attend a short school session to familiarize themselves with rules and procedures. This is usually held on the saturday afteroon following the Autocross.

Choose a section on the right to learn more... and REMEMBER Racecar spelled backwards is Racecar

Check out the webhost that's providing Equipe Rapide's website


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